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The Benefits of Advertising in The Virginia Register

The Virginia Register is designed to be a major link in connecting interested customers with the Country, Victorian, Craft and Antique shops in the state as well as shows, events and places to eat and stay. The publication is full of stories, recipes, projects and useful information for readers interested in the various shopping possibilities and activities going on locally. The information is presented in a much less intimidating fashion than reference books and other newspapers available for the industry. It also serves to inform the public of upcoming events in the antique, country and craft industry. The Virginia Register also hopes to create and spark an interest in people new to the opportunities and possibilities available in the antique and collectible marketplace. It gives shop owners a place to promote, inform and even try out their writing skills if they so desire. The publication makes a handy, "carry it with you", kind of guide and its layout makes for the need of less maps. It guides the reader according to areas of the state and within a city. The whole purpose is to increase awareness of the great number of shops and services available to them within the state of New York.

As an advertiser, you receive copies of the paper to provide to your customers as a free gift. This results in repeat visits to your shop as readers want to find each new issue. The Virginia Register is a targeted publication. We don't accept ads from just anyone. Your ad in The Virginia Register won't be with auto ads, tire stores, tattoo parlors, etc. "Targeted" means we get your ad in the hands of customers who are looking for the very type of items you sell.

Advertising Rates
Ad Size Rate
(per issue)
5 x 2 Display Ad 5" wide by 2" tall $110
5 x 3 Display Ad 5" wide by 3" tall $145
5 x 4 Display Ad 5" wide by 4" tall $180
5 x 5 Display Ad 5" wide by 5" tall $225
Quarter Page Ad 5" wide by 7" tall $290
Half Page Ad 10.25" wide by 7" tall $440
Full Page Ad 10.25" wide by 15" tall $800
Classified 2" wide by 2" tall (not for shops) $45
Event Listing   $25

Printed ad size may vary depending on the print capabilities of our current print partner and their press limitations.

Ad prices are per issue. Since the majority of shop owners who advertise on a consistent basis are having great results, we offer an introductory 3 issue special and an annual contract as incentive to advertise regularly.

Color: Full process color can be added for an additional $55 on sizes 5x2, 5x3 or 5x4; +$85 for 5x5 or 5x7; +$110 on a 1/2 page and +$165 on a full page ad. 

3 Issue Special: Run any size ad in three consecutive issues and get the third ad at 1/2 off our low rate card prices. Your ad size and content can change each issue. Just ask for the 3 issue special when you call to reserve your space.

Annual Contract: A 20% discount is offered for a one year contract of six consecutive issues. Sizes can vary, discounts will still apply to each ad. Billed per issue. Contract not fulfilled will be rebilled at full rate.

Issue Deadline
January–February December 1st
March–AprilFebruary 1st
May–JuneApril 1st
July–AugustJune 1st
September–OctoberAugust 1st
November–DecemberOctober 1st
Ad Requirements

Standard rates include normal ad layout and typesetting which can include borders and clip art. Non-standard items such as original graphics, logos, calligraphy, etc. may be arranged as can grayscale or original photos. (Call for pricing.) Please allow ample time for us to provide non-standard services.

Are you ready to advertise with us? Fill out our convenient ad reservation form.

Electronic/Digital Ads ("camera-ready" ads via email)

When sending digital files, please use the following specifications—and always fax a copy of the ad so we can be sure the finished product looks exactly as you intended.

  • Platform: PC format only
  • Files Accepted: PDF (uncompressed, prepress high resolution setting in Distiller) or Postscript files; JPEG; TIFF
  • Color: Please send all files in CMYK mode.
  • Embedded Images: The MINIMUM resolution requirements are 300dpi for full-color artwork or grayscale artwork and 1200dpi for Bitmap (black & white line art). Images and logos from web sites are NOT usable for print ads.

Camera-Ready Ads (if you must print and mail)

  • Must meet our above size guidelines
  • Printed preferably on a laser printer (not inkjet)
  • Mailed flat with no folds through ad or artwork
  • Delivered to us on or before the deadline
  • 100% complete (the ad will be run just as received)

Ads That We Create For The Customer

  • Clearly written rough draft of ad text must be delivered to us on or before the deadline along with any suggestions for artwork, borders, etc.
  • Any logos, borders or photos that might be supplied by the customer must be delivered to us on or before the deadline. These must be mailed flat with no folds through artwork and printed preferably on a laser printer (not inkjet).
  • If we will be providing logos, borders or photos for you, we prefer to have a fax number where we can fax an ad copy to you for proofing. If you do not have a fax machine or can not make arrangements for a neighboring business or copy shop to receive a proof for you, available graphics and layout will be left up to our discretion.

First time advertising that is published in The Virginia Register can be paid two ways. The first option would be to send in your payment with your camera-ready or rough draft ad on or before the deadline for that issue. If you decide to send in your camera-ready or rough draft ad without payment, your second option is to have us contact you after you approve your ad proof to have the ad cost billed to your credit card. New advertisers must pay for their first ad in advance of the paper being printed. Future ads you place will be billed via mail upon publication with payment being due upon receipt. We accept Mastercard & Visa for your ad payment if you desire. Any payment not paid after 30 days from billing will be considered past-due. If a past due payment remains on your account for more than 60 days, advertising will not be available to you in future publications until payment is made.


The Virginia Register is distributed through all advertising shops (results in repeat visits to your shop), craft and antique shows, select Ben Franklin Craft stores, every Virginia Highway Welcome Center and most local tourism centers. Circulation is a minimum of 50,000 per issue. If you would like to find the location nearest you to pick up a copy, please see our list of advertisers who all have copies or contact us.

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