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About our NEW Logo

Did you notice the change on our front cover of this issue? Most of you probably picked up the slight change in our logo, the word "country" is now replaced with the state name for the edition you are reading. We publish 6 statewide editions so we want to personalize the publication by changing the name and logo to The Florida Register instead of The Country Register. Plus, although we have some country shops advertising with us, our publication is so much bigger than "country" and having the word in the name made some businesses feel our readers were not a potential customer to them. By changing the name of the publication to The Florida Register we will still feature unique shopping and events and provide a more inclusive publication, bringing you more businesses that fit your needs and interests. We don't want to change who we are. We just want to appeal to more categories of shopping other than country alone. We want to include primitive shops, garden shops, quilt shops, needlework shops, painting studios, etc., etc., and yes, country shops too.

The look of the logo is still very similar! And that's on purpose! Our logo remains recognizable to the readers of the other Country Register editions across the US. We know many of you pick up other statewide copies when you travel using the common logo as your identifier. That can continue now too with this slight variation based on state name for edition.

Our recent reader survey is giving us some great suggestions of other types of businesses you, the readers, want to see in our publication. And most of them aren't "country." We had been contemplating the name change for awhile and decided to proceed to appeal to more businesses. Our reader survey is still open, so if you haven't completed it yet, please follow this link so that you can give us your feedback too.

That said, changing our name is a process which may take some time to get it changed everywhere. One example of a change we are working on is for a new website name without the word country in it. However, domain names are often hard to get exactly what you want so we are researching the options available. For right now, our website and email remain the same but will transition soon.

Amy & Dave

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