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It's effective: "It's the best advertisement we do and gets us the most return for our money." says a primitive gifts and home decor shop owner.

It's affordable! 60 days of effective advertising as low as $76!

Each issue contains interesting articles, projects, and recipes, with beautiful full color artwork on the cover.

Distribution is statewide, targeted to people who buy what you sell!!

We offer eye-catching, unique ads and free ad design for your use in our publication.

You'll get a FREE listing on our website, which boasts very high search-engine rankings!

The paper is complimentary: Itís a free gift to your customers & results in repeat visits to your shop.

The variety of shopping advertised allows paper to appeals to a large number of people with multiple and varied interests: antiques, country, primitive, quilt shops, etc.

Ads are organized geographically, so that potential customers can find your ad—and your shop—easily.

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